Owner’s Bio

David Latty

David Latty is COO of Jaguar International. In this capacity, he manages and directs all facets of day to day operations, including advertising, marketing, design, promotions, financing and product development.

David has brokered several licensing deals for celebrities and brands such Shari Belafonte, Janet Jackson/Sony Signatures and NFL Hall of Fame Signature Collection including Deacon Jones.

David has a strong business background with over 10 years in the fashion industry. He is demonstrated decision maker and problem solver, with a history of implementing profitable sales, marketing, promotion and design strategies.

In addition, David’s knowledge of current market trends and his ability to forecast trends benefits Jaguar International’s clients by increasing profitablity and market share, particularly in highly competitive markets.

He has extensive experience in both the creative and technical areas of the merchandising and apparel markets, particularly in the areas of licensing agreements, royalty issues and up-front guarantees. He has several projects in the works with major celebrities and entertainment brands.

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