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New Market Penetration

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Creative Development

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  • Product Development and Approvals

In addition, we also offer the following as added value:

We also want to ensure that our clothing benefits the area in which it is sold. That is why with our line, we offer a rebate coupon whereby a percentage of the sale will go back to a regional charity. No other clothing line provides this guarantee. If you purchase our products in Brazil, the proceeds may go back to rainforest stabilization; whereas in the United States it might go to the ASPCA.
We will work with your company to identify charitable organizations through our national network.
We want each community to benefit from our products.

Multicultural Advertising
We will also work with our clients to provide multicultural advertising options. Advertising will incorporate the look of the indigenous population of that region. We want to ensure that people of color are properly represented and will work with your company to identify appropriate advertising mediums so that these targets are reached and maintained.

We look forward to promoting you and your brand.

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