Jaguar International licenses apparel and merchandising lines for celebrities and private label brands.  Our experience in promotion, general market and multicultural advertising and sales offer you profitable solutions to promote your brands. 

Once you have decided that you want a line, we find the appropriate manufacturers and distribution outlets to promote your brand to its highest potential.  We see the process through from inception to completion.  Along the way, we consult with your company on advertising, promotions and sales.  Our network of advisors have over 40 years in experience in the fashion industry—we know what to do and how to position your line for success. 

Our methodology for creating designs is one that we believe will revolutionize the fashion industry.  In the past, designs were about the collection and each designer would create a line which consumers would purchase.  People wanted to have what was in the collection, despite the fact that many items would run against someone’s personal taste. 

Our model is innovative and groundbreaking.  We believe that fashion is not about the collection, but the individual.  Therefore, we have created a design, manufacturing and promotional model that is tailored to individual taste and style.  How is that accomplished?  We bring together a consortium of designers to complete a collection.  This diversity allows for a wide variety of looks that are sure to meet the ever changing needs of the consumer.  In addition, these collections will be available for private label and we are gearing up for our own label, which will be sold in both retail outlets and in our online store.  Stay tuned for more details on our signature line.

We are successful because:

  • We create solid partnerships between intellectual property owners, manufacturers, distributors and retailers…with measurable results
  • We develop and implement strategies to achieve tangible results
  • We generate new revenue streams and expand markets
  • We manage brand expansion campaigns
  • We utilize a global network of strategic partners
  • We deliver superior client service
  • We create innovative, out of the box solutions to overcome complex market challenge
  • We treat our clients brands/properties like they are our own